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Antique / Vintage
Singer Featherweight Model 221 - 222 Sewing Machines

We can help you sell your Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine.   Contact us for Details!

Once you have used a vintage Singer Model 221 or 222 Featherweight sewing machine you will know why they are referred to as "The Perfect Portable", and why a whole new generation of sewing machine collectors and seamstresses Singer Featherweight Model 221have fallen in love with them!  The popularity of these sewing machines with quilters and other fabric artisans has helped uncover a wealth of information regarding the production history of this machine and its many variations.  And many Singer Featherweight "users" soon become Singer Featherweight "collectors".

We are proud to offer for sale a fine selection of 221 and 222 Antique Singer Featherweight Sewing Machines that we are selling for several consignors. 

All of these antique Singer Featherweight Sewing Machines listed below have been gently used and well cared for.  We stand behind what we sell.  We fully service each and every one of these 221 and 222 Featherweights before we offer them for sale.  And every Featherweight that we sell carries our written 1 Year Guarantee.  Any of these Singer Featherweight Sewing Machines would make a perfect gift for your favorite quilter or seamstress, or for yourself!

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A Word About Condition.........

I love to see vintage Singer 221 and 222 Featherweight sewing machines in excellent cosmetic condition, and most of the Singer Featherweights offered below will meet this criteria.  However I also realize thatBlack Singer Featherweight 221 Sewing Machine there is a need for good working Featherweight machines in somewhat less-than-excellent cosmetic condition, so when available I will offer machines in this category as well, but only when I can price them appropriately.

Regardless which machine you purchase from me all of the Singer Featherweights listed below are cleaned, oiled, adjusted and ready to go back to work.  All have original Singer parts.  All are 110 Volt wiring for US use.  All of these Featherweights are in excellent mechanical and electrical condition, and all are ready to sit down and sew with.

To assure your satisfaction all of the Vintage Singer Featherweight sewing machines we sell come with our complete 1-Year Money Back Guarantee.

The differences in prices reflect variations in cosmetic condition---fine details such as the degree of wear, if any, to the gold decals, the degree of shine to the black paint / clearcoat finish, the degree of wear to the fabric cover of the case, whether or not the machine includes other accessories such as attachments, an oil can, original Singer instruction booklet, etc.
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

How to decide which one to buy.........

If you are looking for a good, strong, working sewing machine that you can use day in and day out and you don't want to spend a small fortune to get it, chose one of these Featherweights from the lower price range.  All of these vintage sewing machines look good and sew great! 

If you are wanting a Singer Featherweight that you will be as proud to display and show off as you are to use, and you don't mind spending a little more, chose from the upper price range.  These sewing machines are some of the nicest examples you are ever likely to find!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

But please keep in mind that every Featherweight that has been used, no matter how infrequently or how carefully, will display some signs of use---minor pin marks, small paint chips or scrapes, some loss to the gold decaling, etc.  These machines are 50-70 years old, and some wear, however little, is always evident, even on the nicest of them.  "Shelf" wear occurs over a period of time, even if the machine is left undisturbed and unused in the case.  I have been dealing in Featherweights for many years and I have never seen the cosmetically perfect "10"---I don't believe it exists.

How To Order

Once you have decided which machine you are would like to purchase just email or call and I can go over all the details of that specific machine with you, and take your payment / shipping info.

Not sure which machine will best suit your needsCall and I can help you determine that as well.


All of the Singer Featherweight sewing machines listed below have been fully serviced in our workshop---full inspected, cleaned, oiled, lubricated, adjusted, and sew-tested---before being offered for sale.  Every single Featherweight we sell carries our 1-year guarantee!  Who else offers you that?

Black Singer Featherweight Model 221 Sewing Machines

1933 Black Singer Featherweight 221 Sewing Machine (AD546587)1933 Black Singer Featherweight 221 Sewing Machine (AD546587) This Featherweight dates from the very first Singer FW production run!  The serial number of AD546587 puts it right in the middle of the production run that was assigned on Oct. 3, 1933 (AD541546-AD551545).  This Singer Model 221 has the lovely "Egyptian scrollwork" design faceplate as well as all the other classy features found only on these earliest model 221s---the chrome edged handwheel, un-numbered tension dial, front mounted bobbin winder, and chrome plated stitch length regulator backplate.

Far fewer examples of these early models are found compared to later ones, and cosmetically they typically they show the expected sighs of use.  This one is unusually bright and shiny, although there is a fair amount of loss to the gold decal along the front edge.  But overall it is very attractive and very classy!

Mechanically it is a great machine---it runs and stitches perfectly, and required very little in the way of tuning up.  It really does sew nicely.  The original Singer attachment feet shown are included as well as the original Singer manual.  The carry case is what I would call just "fair" condition.  It's clean, it does not smell, it's sturdy, it includes the original top tray, and the outside covering looks pretty good---but the fabric lining on the inside shows a lot of wear and tear, and the handle has been re-attached with two screws.  It looks OK---I've included several pictures.  A hard-to-find early vintage Featherweight!     $695     Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic       KK-FW

1957 Black Singer Featherweight 221 Sewing Machine (AM695809)1957 Black Singer Featherweight 221 Sewing Machine (AM695809) This Featherweight is a terrific mid-range choice!  It's as pretty as can be and will be a great "user".  As with all the Featherweights that I sell, I have gone over this machine from head to toe.  It serviced up beautifully and sews a lovely stitch.

Featherweights from the late 1950's typically show only moderate use---by that time the heyday of women sewing for the home and family was coming to an end, and sewing with a 221 as a hobby (or perhaps a passion!) had not yet taken hold.  The cosmetic condition of this one indicates it was only used lightly.  The finish is bright and shiny with minimal pinmarks.  The gold decals are near 100% intact.

The graduated marks incised on the stitchplate will assist in guiding your seams straight and of consistent width.  There are no attachments included but I always have an assortment on hand that you can add on now or anytime down the line.  There is a nicely reproduced copy of the Singer 221 manual.  The carry case is one of the newer AlphaSew replacements.  Although not exact they are a pretty good approximation of the original Featherweight cases.  This one is very clean and sturdy so you'll be all set to tote the machine to classes and on excursions!        $550     Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic       TM-FW

Tan and White Singer Featherweight Model 221J / 221K Sewing Machines

1961 TAN Singer Featherweight 221J Sewing Machine (ES882716)1961 TAN Singer Featherweight 221J Sewing Machine (ES882716)      You most often see them in black.  You occasionally see them in white.  But this one is the very-seldom-seen Made in Canada Model 221J Tan Singer Featherweight!  Don't confuse this TAN Singer Featherweight Model 221 J with the WHITE Model 221 K!  The tan or beige Featherweight is a distinctly different color.  These tan models were produced for just a very short period of time and were manufactured only in Singer's Canadian factories.  As the 1960's approached black colored sewing machines were falling out of favor, and Singer knew that if they wanted to stay on top of the market they needed to "modernize" their look and come up with something that reflected the style of the '60's.  Their solution was these light colored models---updated for the times, but still a Featherweight, still a Singer, still the one!

Apart from the color difference the most notable difference between the white British 221 K and the tan Canadian 221 J is the 5 1/2" long bed extension on the tan machines (like on the black 221s) compared to the shorter 3 1/2" long bed extension on the white models.

This machine was well taken care of.  There are a few minor scratches but overall it looks great.  Unlike the paper stick-on Singer logo tags that were used on the white FW's, these tan models have a metal Singer trademark tag.  The foot pedal and the cord are nice with no cracks and no deterioration.  The motor clearly says it is set up for 110-120V, and it runs like a champ.  The machine has been cleaned and oiled and is ready to sew.  The original Singer instruction manual is present.  The matching case for this machine is sturdy and in good overall condition with just minor scuffs and marks. The hinges, latches and handle are in good shape and the case does not have that musty smell that so many of these Featherweights seem to suffer from.  There are a whole host of attachments included---in addition to the "standard" Featherweight feet there is a buttonholer and the automatic zigzagger, all in their original pink and green boxes.  Everything matches so nicely---what a stylish package!

This hard-to-find Featherweight variation would make a wonderful gift for your wife, you daughter, your granddaughter, or better yet for yourself, as the interest in these rare machines spans generations. Due to their relative scarcity, these tan variation machines deserve a prominent position spot in any Featherweight collection, and this machine is sure to be a hit whether you use it or display it.        $850    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic          JF-TFW     SOLD!    

1968 White Singer Featherweight 221K Sewing Machine (EW067745)1968 White Singer Featherweight 221K Sewing Machine (EW067745)  If you have been waiting to find a squeaky clean Singer 221K this is it!  This machine is in "show-it-off" condition.  The cool white color is what some Featherweight aficionados refer to as "mint green" or "barely celery".  For today's Featherweight users and collectors these white 221K machines represent the end of an era.  Dating from the end of Singer's Featherweight production period there were far fewer white FWs manufactured compared to the number of black ones.  They are a little lighter in weight than the black 221's due to the shortened folding bed extension (about 2" shorter than on the black machines), and they have a more petite carry case.  But just like their black counterparts they were built to last!

This Featherweight machine is strikingly beautiful---the metal parts are bright and the paint is very clean and crisp looking.  There are a number of original accessory feet included, all in the crisp pink and green Singer box.  The original Singer 221 Featherweight instruction manual, with matching pink and green cover, is in such nice condition it looks like it was barely ever used!  This Featherweight's green and white carry case is also in very nice condition, noting a bit of mild staining on the lower front edge of the outside covering.

As with all of the Featherweights we sell this one has been fully serviced and it sews just as nice as it looks!  It runs strong and produces that lovely straight Featherweight stitch.  Guaranteed to please!       $795    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic          DT-WFW     SOLD!

Special Designation / Limited Edition Black Singer Featherweight Model 221Sewing Machines

1936 Black Singer Featherweight 221 TEXAS CENTENNIAL EXPOSITION Sewing Machine (AE086014)1936 Black Singer Featherweight 221 "TEXAS CENTENNIAL EXPOSITION" Sewing Machine (AE086014)    I'm extremely excited to be able to offer for sale this exceptionally rare and special Singer Featherweight 221!  First, a little history to help put the scarcity of this machine into perspective.  In 1936 Texas commemorated and celebrated the state's 100th anniversary of independence from Mexico going all out to produce a gala World's Fair-type Exposition.  It was an incredibly bold and daring undertaking, given that the country was still in the midst of the Great Depression, and Texas in particular was so hard hit by, and still reeling from, the ravages of the Dust Bowl.

We all know they do things in a big way in Texas, and the gamble paid off!  Despite the odds that could have worked against success the event attractedTexas Centennial Exposition Featherweight millions of visitors and gave a huge boost to the Texas economy.  Manufacturers were eager to display their products and reinvigorate their sales, and produced specially-designated versions of their goods to show off to the public.  Never to be outdone by the competition the Singer Manufacturing Co. seized the opportunity and produced a 221 sewing machine bearing a special red-banded badge that read "Texas Centennial Exposition 1836-1936", a machine that was marketed and sold only at the Exposition.

There were relatively few of these Featherweights produced, and fewer still known to exist.  This example is all original.  It's very clean and bright.  As the pictures indicate, it does show a fair amount of loss to the gold decal along the front edge.  Still, it is so very classy looking!  Dating from the 30's it features the Egyptian scrollwork design on the chrome faceplate.  The handwheel is chrome-rimmed.  The backplate for the stitch length regulator is chrome.  The needle thread tension device is un-numbered.  The bobbin winding tension mechanism is front-mounted.  The foot pedal has the distinctly Deco-inspired air vents.

As with all of the Featherweights we sell this one has been completely serviced and is ready to sew on.  It is complete with the accessory feet shown as well as the Singer Featherweight manual.  The carry case is in very nice clean, sturdy condition, complete with it's top tray, and will continue to do its job to protect the machine.  It has a new leather handle so there's no reason not to take it along to the next quilt festival to show it off!  They don't come along very often---highly recommend!             $2795    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic   KK-TX-221

1938 Black Singer Featherweight 221 San Francisco Golden Gate Exposition Sewing machine AF0707131938 Black Singer Featherweight 221 "SAN FRANCISCO GOLDEN GATE EXPOSITION" Sewing Machine (AF070713)    Not just a sewing machine, but historically significant Americana!  It's interesting to view the production of the Singer Featherweight within its historical context.  In 1939 and 1940, as the US was just coming out of the Great Depression, the city of San Francisco hosted an international exposition to celebrate and showcase her two recently built bridges---The Golden Gate and the Oakland-San Francisco Bay.  The venue was Treasure Island, an entirely human-made land mass, construction of which was an engineering feat of staggering proportion.

The Singer Manufacturing Co. knew well how to take advantage of theGolden Gate Exposition Singer Featherweight marketing opportunities afforded by the celebration of American technological achievements and the Expo's theme of advancements in industry.  To show off what was quickly becoming one of their most successful products Singer produced a 221 sewing machine bearing a special blue-banded badge that read "Golden Gate Exposition San Francisco 1939", a machine that was marketed and sold only at the Exposition.

The first of these specially badged SF Expo Featherweights were assigned serial numbers on Oct. 10, 1938.  That production run began with serial number AF070706, making this Featherweight, with serial number AF070713, one of the very first to come off the line!

As with all of the Featherweights we sell this one has been completely serviced and is ready to sew on.  It performs beautifully, and it's quite outstanding in regards to condition and completeness.  What is most amazing and exciting is everything that is included with it---be sure to look at all the pictures.

The Singer Fashion Aids case looks like a child's suitcase with interior compartments for all of Singer's specialty attachments for their Featherweight.  What a goodie bag it is!

Here's what's included: Pinking Attachment (in the box, with instructions), early style buttonholer (and chisel cutter with two blades, with instructions), gauge presser foot, blind stitch braider, adjustable zigzag attachment (with instructions), seam ripper and needle threader (in original envelope with extra parts and instructions), "third hand" material gripper (with instructions), hemstitcher and picot edger with 221 cover plate (with instructions), Singercraft Guide (with extensions and instructions), as well as the standard attachments including ruffler, gatherer, foot hemmer, adjustable hemmer, quilter, edge stitcher, tucker, left and right cording, seam guide, and two screwdrivers.  You also get the original oil can, original Singer manual, and the Singer Sewing Skills reference book.

To sum it up---extremely scarce, and exceptionally nice!         $3250     pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic      JF-SF-221     SOLD!

Super Rare 1940 CRINKLE FINISH Singer Featherweight 221 Sewing Machine (AF588937)Super Rare 1940 "CRINKLE FINISH" Singer Featherweight 221 Sewing Machine (AF588937)   Also known as the "wrinkle" or "godzilla" finish, this textured matte finish Featherweight is a truly rare and unusual variation of the standard Singer 221.  Though it still remains something of a mystery what is known is that crinkle finish Featherweights were only manufactured during two limited production runs---in 1939 and 1940.  The serial number of this machine was assigned on August 15, 1940. 

A noteworthy feature of the Crinkle FW is the 3 parallel lines milled along the front and back edges of the base, in place of the gold decal decoration that was used on the shiny black models.  Additionally the faceplate of this machine has the matching parallel line design.

Why did Singer produce Featherweights with this textured matte finish rather than the familiar shiny black japanned finish?  It has been speculated that the unusual finish was somehow related to the war effort, perhaps the non-glare surface done to meet military specifications.  In any case, these machines are extremely rare, and only very occasionally come to market.  This example has been in a collection for a number of years, a collection that included the Texas Centennial above, as well as several other very hard-to-find Featherweight variations.

This Featherweight is in excellent condition, noting a bit of cosmetic wear to the finish along the fabric path.  It's complete with original attachments and instruction manual.  The carry case is clean and fresh, has the original top tray, and in good shape with a new handle.  The only apology is some brittleness / wear to the leatherette covering where the handle attaches.

As with all Featherweights I sell I have fully serviced this machine and it carries my 1-year guarantee.  It runs beautifully and it sews perfectly.  Collectible for sure---but absolutely meant to be used!          $2495     Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic    Pic       KK-CFW

Black Singer Featherweight Model 222 "FreeArm" Sewing Machines

1955 Black Singer Featherweight 222 Sewing Machine (EK322335)1955 Black Singer Featherweight 222 Sewing Machine (EK322335)    Singer model 222 sewing machines, also known as "Freearm" or "Convertible" Singer Featherweights, have a feature that was not found on Singer's model 221 machines.  The freearm feature allows a portion of the flat bedplate to be removed, leaving a tubular-shaped base that allows for sewing around pant legs, sleeves, and other circular areas with limited access.  To remove the bed you simply unscrew the thumbscrew and slide the bed off.  The model 222 Featherweight machines also have a "Sew / Darn" lever---a feature that allows you to drop the feed dogs to enable freehand machine darning and embroidery.  And the stitchplate is marked off in graduated increment lines that function as a seam guide.

There were relatively few 222s produced compared to 221s, and the machines were only produced in Singer's Clydesdale, Scotland factory.  Because many were slated to be sold within Europe most were originally equipped with Singer's 220V motors.  Those that were made for export to the US were either sent to Singer's Canadian factory to be equipped with a Singer 110V motor or were later given full motor conversions for 110V use within the US.

This 222 Featherweight has the original 110V Canadian motor.  It has been extremely well cared for and is really gorgeous!  It serviced up beautifully with no issues.  The stitch is perfect and it's a lot of fun to sew on!  The motor just purrs.  The surface has a beautiful gloss and a shiny reflective finish with minimal pinmarks.  The carry case is in very nice condition and will continue to do it's job to protect the machine and allow for easy transport.  The instruction manual is an original and in very good condition.  There is a nice assortment of original Singer attachment feet and be sure to check out all the pictures to see how cute the original oil can is, with it's offset spout! 

Singer produced  an amazingly reliable and high quality product when they manufactured the Featherweight.  It's such a pleasure to see a machine like this example that was obviously highly regarded by its owner.        $1495    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic    pic      SMC-222FW     SOLD!

Vintage Singer Featherweight Card Tables and Carry Cases

Original Vintage Singer Featherweight Card TableOriginal Vintage Singer Featherweight Card Table  This is the portable sewing machine table that Singer manufactured specifically for use with the Featherweight.  At first glance it looks just like any other good-looking folding-leg cardtable.  But the top was designed with an insert piece that removes to reveal an opening into which the Featherweight machine sits.  It was another ingenious idea that the Singer Manufacturing Co. came up with, and it is as portable and versatile as the 221 sewing machine itself.  When not in use the table could easily be stored away, or it could double in use as a table for card playing, dining, etc.  Like all Singer products from "back when", these tables were extremely well constructed and durable. 

This example is an original Singer Featherweight cardtable, not one of the reproductions currently being sold on other internet sites.  It is in excellent used condition, complete with the original removable insert.  It is very sturdy.  The leather padding on the brackets that hold the machine ensure you won't be scratching your Featherweight as you lift it in and out.  The table shows only light scratches on the top surface and a minor dark stain.  Be sure to look at all the pictures to see how the table is designed to enable the machine to sit flush to provide that nice large flat surface area to work on.  Very functional as well as a great way to display your favorite machine!     
$350    pic   pic   pic   pic   pic   pic   pic   pic   pic   pic   pic   pic   SM-FWT     SOLD!

Note:  I sometimes have additional Singer Featherweight 221 or 222 sewing machines that have just come in and are waiting to be photographed and listed.  So if you don't see the exact model you are looking for inquire.

White Singer Featherweight 221 Sewing Machine

Kate Adams Miniature Quilts

These exquisite little quilts by noted contemporary folk artist / quilter Kate Adams are all made from authentic antique fabrics, and rendered in 1:12 scale (1inch = 1 foot).  They are all museum-quality archival matted and framed under glass.  They are all one-of-a-kind or very limited edition.  They are all signed and dated by the artist.

Please be sure to click on all the pictures.  Because these quilts are under glass my photographs are less than satisfactory, but I will be happy to try again in a different lighting to minimize the reflections.

Kate Adams Miniature Quilt"Ohio Star", 1991    Measuring approximately 3 1/2 inches square this miniature quilt is Number 1 in a series of 1.  The outside frame measurement is 10 inches high by 9 1/2 inches wide.        $150    pic   pic   pic   pic   pic   DC-KAMQ-1 

Kate Adams Miniature Quilt"Twenty Hearts", 1992    Measuring approximately 4 inches wide by 4 1/2 inches high this miniature quilt is Number 1 in a series of 10.  The outside frame measurement is 1 1/2 inches high by 11 inches wide.        $250    pic   pic   pic   pic   pic   pic   pic   DC-KAMQ-2 

Kate Adams Miniature Quilt"Little House", 1996    Measuring approximately 5 inches square this miniature quilt is #1 in a series of 2.  The outside frame measurement is 11 1/2 inches high by 11 inches wide.        $350    pic   pic   pic   pic   pic   DC-KAMQ-3 

Singer Attachments, Accessories and Memorabilia

* * * **  All are original and vintage  * * * ** Singer Featherweight Oil Cans

Featherweight 221 The by Nancy Johnson-Srebro,  copyright 1997, softcover, 184 pages, a must-have for the Featherweight collector and user!   $15.00

Singer Sewing Skills Reference Book,  Copyright 1954, hardcover, 50 pages, a great resource with instruction lessons for stitching methods and fashion details   $10.00

Singer Sewing Book Reference Book,  Copyright 1949, hardcover (cover shows some wear), 240 pages, a wealth of information for beginner through advanced seamstresses.   $10.00

Singer Buttonholers for 221 and 301 (availability varies---inquire)   $20.00 - $30.00

Original Singer 221 Manual   $35.00    Pic

Original Singer Attachment feet for 301 sewing machine---includes ruffler, gatherer, edgestitcher, multi-slot binder, hemmer, zipper foot, and adjustable hemmer in original box    $75.00

Singer Blind Stitch Attachment #160616 (box, instructions) $35.00

Singer Featherweight Oil Cans (availability varies---please inquire)    $35.00-$65.00      Pic     Pic     Pic

Singer Pinking Machine    $45.00      Pic     Pic     Pic     Pic     Pic


To determine the production date of your Featherweight visit the Singer website.

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