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Antique & Collectible Edge Tools
Woodworking Chisels / Gouges / Slicks / Adzes / Axes / Drawknives
Carving Tools / Drills  / Saws & More

Antique & Vintage woodworking chisels, gouges, carving tools, slicks, vintage lathe tools and more will be found on this page.  The vintage and antique carving tools, gouges and old woodworking chisels, carpenters slicks andCarpenters Slicks more found below will be suitable for use in various woodworking hobbies and trades or inclusion in any antique tool collection. 

Antique woodworking edge tools from makers such as Addis, D. R. Barton, Swan, Herring, Henry Taylor, Buck Brothers, L. & .I.. J. White, Wilkinson, Witherby, Maier, Marples,  and others will be found under the proper headings / links below.  Stanley Chisels including their famous line of Everlasting or Everlast chisels and the Stanley #720 & 750 model chisels  will be found on the Misc Stanley Tool Page. 

These famous edge tool maker names ring with nostalgia and fond memories of the old days when quality was the standard and American pride of manufacture carried over into the things made here.

Vintage and antique tools are popular not only because of the superior quality, but often times these antique edge tools can be had in fine condition for a fraction of what is being charged  for quality tools made today.  There is no comparison to the garbage coming here from China and sold in every retail establishment no matter the name you see on it.  

With a bit of knowledge and judicious shopping you can outfit a toolbox or shop workbench with a array of quality antique woodworking tools at a reasonable price and get full value for your dollar.

Antique & Vintage
Slicks & Misc. Chisels & Edge Tools

* * * Click Heading to see Items * * *

3 1/2 James Swan Slick Carpenter / Timber Framer SlickSlicks are basically large chisels and oftentimes large framing chisels are mis-identified as slicks.  In general they can range in width from 2" up 6" or so with those large examples being very hard to find.  Most are socket style, but there are also tang slicks that can be found.  Occasionally a gouge style slick turns up, and even less often crank neck ones appear.  Names like Wilkinson, Barton, L. & I.  J. White, Witherby, James Swan and more come to mind as the premier makers of the 19th century.  
  • 12 W. Butcher Gouges in Roll
  • James Swan 3 1/2" Slick
  • Witherby 3 1/2" Slick
  • L. & I. J. White 3" Slick
  • 3" Slick by Clean-Cut
  • D. R. Barton Slick Enders Folding Handle Oak Leaf Drawknife
  • Greenlee Slick
  • Primitive 5 1/2" Clapboard Slick
  • Unusual Race Knife / Timber Scribe / Lumber Marker
  • 3/8" English "Pig Sticker" Mortise Chisel
  • 3/8" W. W. McIntosh English Mortise Chisel
  • Greenlee Folding Handle Drawknife
  • Oak Leaf Folding Handle Drawknife
  • H. D. Smith Perfect Handle Drawknife
  • Buck 1 7/8" Framing Chisel
  • L. & I. J. White 1/8" Chisel
  • Cabinet Scraper 
  • Hartman Miter Cutter by Maine Machine Works of Los Angeles

Antique & Vintage
Crank Neck Pattern Maker's Gouges & Chisels

* * * Click Heading to see Items * * *

  • 1 1/2 " Buck Brothers Crank Neck Paring Chisel
  • 7/8" Buck Crank Neck Paring ChiselCrank Neck Paterrn Maker Chisels
  • 1/4" Buck Crank Neck Paring Chisel
  • 3/8" Buck Crank Neck Paring Chisel
  • 1" Buck Crank Neck Paring Chisel
  • 1 1/4" Buck Brothers Crank Neck Pattern Makers Paring Gouge
  • 1" Buck Brothers Crank Neck Pattern Makers Paring Gouge
  • Buck Brothers 1/2" Crank Neck Pattern Makers Paring Gouge
  • Buck Brothers 3/8" Crank Neck Pattern Makers Paring Gouge
  • D. R. Barton Crank Neck Gouge
  • 3/4" Buck Brothers Crank Neck Paring Gouge

Spoke Shaves / Beaders & Routers
* * * Click Heading to see Items * * *

Beaders and routers are used for shaping edges and are often easier to use than setting up the router or other electric tool.  Routers ca be used to from or clean rabbits and dados with little fuss or muss.  Some are craftsman made, other later versions were manufactured by the big names in the business.  Some like the Windsor Beader were patented and came out in several versions over the years. There are hundreds of different designs and styles of spoke shaves available.  Stanley offered the largest and most job specific models.Windsor Patent Beaders

  • Stanley # 62 Reversible Spoke Shave w/ Double Cutters
  • Stanley # 69 Beader / Scraper
  • 5 Beech Spoke Shaves
  • C. S. Osborne Rosewood Spoke Shave
  • Large Primitive Rosewood Spoke Shave
  • Preston Patent Ornate Casting Spoke Shave 
  • Windsor Patent Beader
  • Millers Falls Shave

Antique & Collectible
Hand Saws / Drills / Braces & Bits

The old adage about they do not make them like they used to holds especially true for antique & vintage hand saws, edge tools, and antique drills and augers.  The art of saw making and metallurgy were at the height of their quality back in the mid to late 1800's and into the early 1900's. These vintage tools make for great collectibles and / or useable vintage tools. 

Saw makers like Henry Disston, Atkins and others were putting forth a product that can not be equaled.  Today you can expect plastic, and Taiwan or China labels unless paying a premium for custom tools coming from small cottage businesses or makers.  These vintage saws and edge tools are a testament to the quality and sense of pride that the phrase "Made in America" use to carry and can be a bargain to boot. 

And they work! and are still here 100 or so years later. 

The saws listed should be considered straight.  None are kinked or bent so as to be unusable or in need of straightening.  Some are sharp, some will need to be re-sharpened.

Vintage & Antique
Henry Disston Rip & Crosscut Carpenter's Hand Saws

* * * Click Heading to see Items * * *

  • Disston D-8 Crosscut & Rip Saws
  • Disston D-12 26" 9pt. Crosscut Saw
  • Disston D-23 Crosscut Saws
  • Henry Disston and Sons D-18 Crosscut Saw
  • Henry Disston & Sons # D 95 Victory Saw Henry Disston & Sons # D 23 Saw
  • Henry Disston & Sons # D 43 Victory Saw
  • Henry Disston & Sons #7 1/2 Ship Saw      SOLD!!
  • Disston & Sons #17 Double Duty Saw
  • Disston & Sons # D - 76 Bi Centennial Saw 
  • Disston No. 32 Pruning Saw
  • Disston D-43 Victory Saw      SOLD!!
  • Disston D-100 Crosscut Saw
  • Disston D-115 VICTORY Crosscut Saw
  • Disston # 7 & D 7 Crosscut & Rip Saws
  • Early Disston D-7 10 pt. 14" Crosscut Panel Saw

More Vintage & Antique
Rip & Crosscut Carpenter's Hand Saws

* * * Click Heading to see Items * * *

  • Winchester # 10 Rip Saw 5 1/2 Pt / Exceptional Condition!!
  • Geo. H. Bishop & Co #7 18" 8 Pt Panel Saw
  • Atkins #50 Crosscut Saw
  • Atkins #72 Ship Point Saw Richardson 24  9pt Crosscut Saw
  • Richardson's "New Timber Saw" 
  • Atkins Hickory 10 pt Crosscut Saw
  • Sargent & Co Rip Saw
  • Keen Kutter Rip Saw
  • Richardson Crosscut Saw
  • #24 Wheeler, Madden & Clemson Crosscut Saw w/ June 3 1879 Holden Patent Handle

Vintage & Antique
 Back Saws / Miter Saws by Disston & Others

* * * Click Heading to see Items * * *

  • Disston #8 12" Half Back Saw Disston #14 Duplex / Combination Back Saw
  • Groves & Sons 12" Back Saw 
  • 10" Simonds Back Saw
  • 8" S. J. Lloyd Davies Brass Backed Back Saw
  • Disston #68 Dovetail Saws
  • Disston #4 12" Back Saw
  • Disston #9 12" Back Saw
  • Disston #4  Miter Box Saw  
  • Disston #14 Duplex / Combination Back Saw 

Vintage & Antique
Buck Saws / Jig Saws / Pedal Saws & Accessories

* * * Click Heading to see Items * * * Antique Turning Saw

  • Unusual Patented Decorated Cast Iron German Mitre Box w/ Frame Saw
  • Patented Cast Iron Mini Saw / Tool Handle 
  • Unusual Metal Frame Turning / Frame saw
  • Atkins / Sheffield Saw Works 2 Man Crosscut Saw

Antique & Vintage
Braces / Breast Drills / Hand Drills & Yankee Screwdrivers

* * * Click Heading to see Items * * *

Drilling holes has been a task since the dawn of time.  Braces and drills have evolved over time and each have many different styles and designs to choose from.  There is a book on American Patented Braces by Ron Pearson and finding some of the harder ones can be a challenge.  They make for a great display once one begins to appreciate the differences and thought that went into the different designs. Others make for great users.   Yankee 100 Drill Set

I have seen a few collections of Beam boring machines and they can be very impressive.  It seems there are a few  common versions around that were mass produced, and then a very few models that were patented and made in very limited supply.  Some with just a few known.  The Millers Falls model is the most popular with today's timber framers and users, although outfits like James Swan and a few others made a nice usable product.

  • 1875 Phillips Patent Beam Boring Machine w/ Millers Falls Like Steel Rod Tilt Feature      SOLD!!
  • S. F. Bowser & Co Spiral Screwdriver
  • McClellan Corner Brace    
  • Stanley / Yankee No. 2101 Bell System Ratchet Bit Brace
  • Stanley Yankee / North Brothers #1530 AX Hand Drill w/ Transmission Yankee #135 Automatic Push Driver / Box
  • Millers Falls #2 Hand Drill
  • Millers Falls #5 Hand Drill
  • Yankee #41 Push Drill
  • Yankee / North Brothers #100 Tool Set in Original Wood Box 
  • Yankee / North Brothers # 130A Screw Driver in Box
  • Yankee # 135 WWII Era Screw Driver in Box
  • Yankee / North Brothers # 30 Screw Driver
  • Unusual Door Lock Mortise Machine
  • Goodell Pratt #188 A Push Drill in Original Box
  • Yankee #131 Screw Driver Russell Jenning Auger Bits in Cloth Roll
  • Yankee #30A Spiral Ratchet Screw Driver / Box
  • Yankee #33 H Spiral Ratchet Screw Driver / Box
  • Yankee #75 Ratcheting Driver
  • Ashcroft Manufacturing Co. Breast Drill / Cylinder Hone
  • Millers Falls #4 Ratcheting Auger Bit Handle 
  • Russell Jennings Auger Bits in Cloth Roll
  • Misc NOS Russell Jennings / Stanley 100 Auger Bits
  • 2 Hollow Augers

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If you have a single antique, or a collection of antiques to sell please contact us at giving us your PHONE NUMBER  and other contact info and we will get back to you ASAP. 

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