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Antique & Vintage
Sewing Birds / Clamps / Thimbles / Notions
& Other Sewing Accessories


Most of the antique sewing birds / sewing clamps and other sewing accessories listed below originate from several long time collections of sewing-related antiques that we are helping the consignors sell after years of assembling and enjoying their collections.    

If you have a collection of similar pieces or even one great example of a sewing bird or clamp that you would like to have included for sale on this page, please Contact us

Antique sewing birds / sewing clamps have a special appeal and make for a great collectible.  There is no definitive record of when the first examples were antique sewing clampproduced but the idea of needing a "third hand" is as old as hand sewing and mending itself.  The first sewing clamps were created to fill a utilitarian need to make the seamstress' task a bit easier.  Later the idea and designs of the clamps evolved beyond the purely utilitarian and sewing clamps were given as gifts and designed to be decorative pieces of art as well as fill a need. 

There is a near endless variety of different forms and styles of antique and vintage sewing clamps, and no one collection could ever have them all.  Sewing clamps can be figural, very complex, and decorative, or utilitarian, very plain, and simple.   One example can encompass all manner of forms in between as well. Many highly ornate and highly decorated examples were given as tokens of love and admiration to the object of affection.  I have read that the advent of and introduction of the sewing machine was the end of these, but that is not quite true.  There was still a need, and a desire, and many fine examples were produced in the Victorian era and later.

Figural examples of antique sewing clamps are probably the most sought after and rarest, but different collectors or collections can focus on any type or design.   Some sewing clamps have storage drawers to hold thread, needles or other small sewing accessories. Some have secret compartments, or hold pictures.  Others have thread winders or spool or thimble holders.  Unusual examples of sewing clamps can have multiple spool pins or winders.   Pin cushions are a common feature and acted as both a means to hold the material, or just to hold the pins and needles.  Still others have thread cutters, emery's, or scissor sharpeners incorporated into the design.  The list goes on and on. 

If you have a collection of similar pieces or even one great example of a sewing bird or clamp that you would like to have included for sale on this page, please Contact us.

Antique & Vintage
Sewing Birds / Sewing Clamps
w/ Pincushions, Winders & Hooks etc.

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  • Antique Bone / Ivory Decorated Sewing Clamp with 2 Thread Winding Spools & Pincushion 
  • Antique Stone Decorated Sewing Clamp Pincushion vintage sewing clamp
  • Stylized Antique Steel Sewing Clamp Pincushion   
  • 1853 Waterman Patent Antique Sewing Bird REAL!!
  • Antique "Full Body Robin" Sewing Bird
  • Antique Polished Steel Figural Sewing Clamp w/ Pincushion & Winder
  • Primitive Steel Figural Sewing Clamp with Pin Cushion
  • Stylized Antique Brass Sewing Bird with Pincushion and 2 Spool Pins
  • Early Blacksmith Made Figural Sewing Clamp with Double Pincushion 
  • Cast Iron Sewing Clamp / Pincushion w/ Plunger Clamp

Antique / Vintage
Sewing Tape Measures

* * * Click Heading to see Items * * *

  • Sterling Tape Measure 
  • Several Celluloid Figural Sewing Tape Measures
  • Brass Whiskey Flask, Shoe and Straw Hat Antique Tape Measures
  • Native American Figural Tape Measure

Antique Scissors

* * * Click Heading to see Items * * *  

  • Ivory Handled Antique Folding "Pocket" Scissors
  • Antique Folding Handle Sterling Silver Scissors
  • Antique Figural Handle Swan Scissors
  • Antique Figural Handle "Lady Legs" Scissors
  • Combination Scissors and Cigar Cutter with Advertising
  • Several Different Pairs of Fancy Handle Antique Sewing Scissors
  • Large Patented Sewing Shears
  • Early and Unusual Antique Scissors
  • Antique Scissors in Cases
  • An Assortment of Vintage "Stork" Scissors
  • Keen Kutter / Simmons Hardware Scissors
  • Several Different Antique Buttonhole Scissors
  • An Assortment of Gingher Scissors and Shears

Thread and Needle Related Tools

* * * Click Heading to see Items * * *

  • Umbrella Shaped Needle Holder, Wooden Body with Ivory Fittings 
  • Several Umbrella Shaped Needle Holders in Ivory Carved Coquilla Nut / Vegetable Ivory Antique Needle Holders
  • Fabulous Figural "Pea Pod" Ivory Needle Case
  • A Selection of Carved Ivory Needle / Bodkin Cases
  • Beautiful Large Carved Ivory and Gold Inlaid Needle Case
  • Carved Coquilla Nut / Vegetable Ivory Antique Needle Holders
  • Wooden Needle Holders
  • 19th Century Wire Bound Antique Needlecase
  • 2 Early Unusual Victorian Needlecases
  • Sterling and Silver Needle Cases Antique Thimble Holder
  • Brass and Gold Wash Needlecases
  • Ivory Needlework Template 
  • Stenciled Lacquered Wooden Needlebook
  • Fabric Needle Pouch with American Indian Beadwork
  • Wooden Transferware Needle Cases
  • Carved Ivory / Bone Antique Knitting Needle Guards
  • Rare Antique Knitting Needle Sheath
  • Knitting Sheath Made of Carved Wood, Signed 
  • Mother of Pearl Thread Winders
  • Wooden Barrel Thimble Holder
  • Carved Vegetable Ivory Thimble Holder
  • Carved Wooden Thimble Holder
  • 19th Century Painted Porcelain Egg Shaped Thimble Holder

Pincushions / Pin Cubes and Needle Emerys

* * * Click Heading to see Items * * *  

  • Large Round Watered Silk Apple Pincushions
  • Double Ended Vegetable Ivory Pin Cushion 
  • Pink Silk Pillow Shaped Pin Cushion
  • Strawberry Needle Emeries and a Strawberry Silk Pincushion
  • Figural Japanese Emery

 Sterling Thimble

Antique & Collectible Thimbles---Sterling, Gold, Brass, Ivory / Bone, and More

* * * Click PAGE #'s to see Items * * *

Page 1      Page 2      Page 3     

Tatting Shuttles, Lace Bobbins & Lacemaking Tools

* * * Click Heading to see Items * * *

  • A Selection of Tatting Shuttles, inc Sterling, Bone, Abalone, Tortoise, and Celluloid
  • Wooden Hand Held Lace Loom / Lucet
  • Wooden Antique Pillow Lace Bobbins with Spangles

Antique Sewing Cases / Etui

* * * Click Heading to see Items * * *

  • Petite French Rectangular Etui
  • Wedge Shaped EtuiEtui and Needle Box
  • Antique Outfitted Wooden Sewing Box
  • Lady's Companion "Necessarie"
  • Victorian Era Leather Covered Etui
  • Victorian Tortoise Shell Covered Etui and Needle Case
  • Trunk Shaped Victorian Travel Sewing Kit
  • Oval Shaped Victorian Ladies Sewing Kit
  • Elaborate Victorian Sewing Box
  • Antique Sewing Case with Sterling Tools
  • Heart Shaped Outfitted Case of Ladies Tools
  • Antique Wedding Anniversary Sewing Box

Misc Antique Sewing / Needlework Tools

* * * Click Heading to see Items * * *

  • Antique Photo of a Child with a Toy Sewing Machine
  • Bone, Ivory, Wood & Steel Antique Crochet Hooks
  • Scrimshaw Carved Animal Head Punch
  • Antique Needlework Stilettos inc Bone, Gold, Sterling and MOP
  • Carved Mother of Pearl Embroidery Punch
  • Carved Ivory Folding Toothpick
  • Sterling Silver Bodkins
  • Ivory and "French Ivory" Bodkins Sterling Trimmed Bakelite and Celluloid Glove Darner
  • Sterling Silver Double Bodkin Necklace
  • Wooden Stenciled "Darning Appliance"
  • Wooden Darning "Egg"
  • Ivory Handled Marking / Tracing Wheel
  • Skirt Marker / Tailors Chalk

Books about
Antique Sewing and Needlework  Tools

* * * Click Heading to see Items * * *  

  • History of Needlework Tools and Accessories
  • Sewing Tools and Trinkets
  • The Encyclopedia of Early American Sewing Machines
  • Needlework Tools
  • Antique American Sewing MachinesSewing 
	Accessories, An Illustrated History
  • Collector's Guide to Toy Sewing Machines
  • Toy and Miniature Sewing Machines
  • F.W. Muller's Toy Sewing Machines
  • Thimbles and Sewing Implements
  • The Standard Book of Quilt Making and Collecting
  • Encyclopedia of Needlework
  • Antique and Unusual Thimbles 
  • Thimbles
  • Samplers
  • Pillow Lace and Bobbins
  • Spinning and Spinning Wheels
  • Thimble Treasury
  • Sewing Accessories: An Illustrated History
  • Old Sewing Machines
  • Homespun and Blue
  • The Hooked Rug
  • Country Rugs
  • The Warner Collector's Guide to American Quilts

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We want to Help you Sell Your quality Antiques

If you have a single antique, or a collection of antiques to sell please contact us at giving us your PHONE NUMBER  and other contact info and we will get back to you ASAP. 

To view examples of the types of antiques and collectibles we have previously sold and are always interested in helping you sell please visit our Past Sales Archive Pages at our sister website

Please see our FAQ page, the Appraisal / Selling Page and the Selling Your Collection Pages for further info.


Larry & Carole

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