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1/9 Plate Daguerreotype
Young Mark Twain / Samuel Clemens
in a "Going To Market" Union Case
by J. M. Young / New York - Photographer

Price . . . . . 2500.00

Description: Very few images of Samuel Clemens / Mark Twain exist from the time when he was a young man or boy. There are numerous bios on Samuel www.Patented-Antiques.comClemens, or Mark Twain, his pen name, info on the first Dag taken of him when he was a teen working in a print shop.  In that image he is seen holding something spelling out "Sam".  The other early image  known is from some years later when he worked as a river pilot on paddlewheel boats on the Mississippi River. (see images below)

This sale is for a 1/9 Plate Daguerreotype of a young man  thought to be Mark Twain / Samuel Clemens taken sometime between when those images were taken.

A Google image search will turn up the same examples of those other early images illustrating likenesses between them.  Results from a image likeness comparison site ranged in the 40 - 55% range, not definitive, but not bad.  This image's similarities to those known images are real, but in the end it is a subjective identification as there is no definitive proof to offer.

The image is housed in a nice condition Thermoplastic Union Case titled "Going To Market".  The case shows a dog carrying a basket.  The case is in excellent condition with just a couple tiny flakes at the corners.  The photographer, J. M. Young,  is ID'd inside on the velvet pad.  It also gives an address where his business was located of 145 8th Ave near 17th St. New York.   All in all a very nice image and case.

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Image Notes & Details
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Images of Young Samuel Clemons / Mark Twain


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