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Antique Wrenches
Farm, Implement, Cutout, Quick Adjust, Nut, Pipe, & More

The first nut wrenches date from very early times.  The first American patents were given for commercially manufactured wrenches in the 1830's.  Names like King, and Merrick & Coes head the top of the list for these early efforts.  After that hundreds if not thousands of different designs were developed, and are still being put forth today---just look at the strange contraptions at the front of the aisle in Home Depot, or the local Auto Parts store.  Or look at what Bob Villa is peddling for Sears this month.  Unusual wrenches make for a great collectible, and you will always be able to find a new one!  Good Luck!.

Atomic / Glaskin Saddle Horn Fencing TooAtomic / Glaskin Saddle Horn Fencing Tool  Even though this design fence tool was actually patented, twice, all know examples say patent pending.  As I remember, these unusual tools were virtually unknown until a drum full turned up in a barn some time back.  There is a staple puller, hammer, slots to catch the wire so it could be stretched, etc.  While people say the large hole is to fit over a saddle horn, I have read that it is for putting a pole through so one could get some leverage when used to pull wire taught.  Nice & Different!! 

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Gold Medal Dynamite Fuse Crimper / PlierGold Medal #1 Blasting Cap / Dynamite Fuse Crimper / Plier  Fine condition. This set is cast and not the cheaper, more common stamped version.  They were made by the Metallic Cap Manufacturing Works which was located in Livermore CA. and went out of business after a few explosive mishaps at the plant.

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Bemis & Call 1866 Patent Gas / Pipe WrenchBemis & Call 1866 Patent Gas / Pipe Wrench   The patent was granted August 28 1866 to Amos Call. The number is 57621 The adjusting collar on this example is different / longer and looks to be a better design than what the patent image shows.  Nice noting one bruise on the top jaw.  Good clear stamp.  An early and unusual wrench.

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Baxter Patent Double End WrenchBaxter Patent Double End Wrench  This smaller one is unmarked.  It is OK.  The larger one is marked with the original patent granted in 1858, and also is stamped with a reissue date from 1870.  The patent was granted to a William Baxter of Newark NJ.  He had another patent in 1868 with the adjuster like the top wrench as well. Both work good.

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CHC-W-BAX-1                    CHC-W-BAX-2

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Indian Motorcycle WrenchIndian Motorcycle Wrench Indian is written in script on both sides of the cast handle. Works OK.  Lower jaw is a bit beat up, but it is still Nice!!

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Diamalloy Fence ToolDiamalloy Fence Tool  This combo tool has a hammer, cutter, crimpers, puller etc.   Nice.

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Prince Patented 1909 Combination Wrench BracePrince Patented 1909 Combination Wrench Brace  The patent for this unusual gizmo was granted in 1909. The functions listed in the specifications include screwdriver, wire cutter, brace, pipe and nut wrench, and holder for tools such as a hoof parer. Every aspect is operable and OK except for the missing nickel plating. 

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Eifel Geared Plierench ToolEifel Geared Plierench Tool  This unusual plier wrench was granted a few patents, and made over a number of years.   It appears this one was made in 1944 and cost $5.00.  They are actually a well built all in one tool.  I assume the 10 to 1 stamp indicates it could serve 10 functions utilizing the 5 different jaws included, one of which is a pipe cutter.  For some unknown reason I did not show the original unmkarked green canvas pouch it comes in.  Nice!!

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Good  + . . . . . $25.00 

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Rolls Royce Ltd. 3/16 - 1/4 Open End Spanner WrenchRolls Royce Ltd. 3/16 - 1/4 Open End Spanner Wrench  This interesting small wrench is in super condition.  It measures just 3" overall and is marked 3/16 - 1/4" in the back side, but what it fits is much bigger than that. I believe the sizes refer to the dia of the bolt and not the head size.  Clearly marked Rolls Royce Ltd. it is a hard to find and desirable little wrench.   Nice & Different!! 

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Quick Adjust Lever WrenchQuick Adjust "Lever Wrench"   This is pictured in Schultz's book as #509  The handle is marked Pat Appl'd For and Lever Co NY.  It is more like a quick fine adjust than a simple quick adjust.  One might call it a dual adjust as well as you had to do the rough adjust by turning the nut, no quick feature there at all.  The fine adjust is activated by squeezing the lever It is actually a great idea when considering what most Crescent type wrenches are capable of doing to nuts.  That final 1/16 or 1/8" squeeze tight would make a difference.  Nice condition.

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Koeth Interchangeable Wrench / Plier Set in Box aka Koeth's Kombination KitKoeth Interchangeable Wrench / Plier Set in Box aka KKK or Koeth's Kombination Kit  There looks like one jaw might be missing.  The label is about unreadable. The wooden dividers between the jaws are gone.  These came with 6 different 2 piece jaw sets that could be put together to make 10 or more different tools.  Really quite well made.    Different & Nice!

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Planet Junior K48 Cut-Out Plow WrenchPlanet Jr K 48 Cut-Out Plow Wrench  These small cut-out wrenches were for use with the small garden plows named Planet Junior that were offered.  This is the smallest size cut out wrench they made and far harder to find than most of the larger ones seen.  Different & Nice!

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#4 Cut-Out Wrench#4 Cut-Out Wrench  Different & Nice!

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Good +  . . . . . . $10.00

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