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Patent Models / Salesman Samples / Coffee Mills / Pressing Irons /
Figural Cast Iron / Antique Advertising / Country / General Store / Mining & More

antique advertisingGeneral Store / Country Store Antiques and related Antique Advertising are becoming increasingly more difficult to find.  A lot of "stuff" that appears at antiques shows and on the marketplace these days dates from much later than the pre-1900 era good Americana or General Store type antiques with historical significance that we like to acquire and deal in.  This earlier era material is what we try to focus on and offer for sale here.

Much of the stuff that you find offered today is outright fake - - - brand new merchandise offered up with a wink and a nod, or the latest craze, stuff made up from old things and offered as something special, whether it is called Steampunk, assemblages, repurposed, or whatever.  Personally I am at a loss for words to describe most of it.  It might be art, it might be popular, but it has little to do with authentic original Americana or antiques.

The pieces listed here are just the thing to enhance your country store collection or Americana-related display.  Many are great antique advertising pieces, patent models, salesman samples, antique kitchen related pieces, coffee mills, and other antiques that are "real" and authentic, with a look and feel that fit into many decorating and collecting schemes.  We strive to offer genuine early American antiques and antique General Store artifacts---true Americana that has a real "Country" look and feel---Americana with a purpose.

Original US Patent Models

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Patent Model Corn Planter

Antique American Patent Models have a colorful and interesting history.   They represent one of the most graphic and rare forms of American ingenuity and inventiveness that is available on the antique market.  The requirement that each invention would require a model of the invention was first mandated by the government in 1790.  That requirement was essentially dropped in the late 1800's as the volume of models the government was storing became enormous.

Over the years there were two different fires in the government patent model storage locations and many of the earliest patent models were destroyed.  These wonderful pieces of Americana were neglected and ignored for years with all of them nearly being sold off for scrap in the 20's at a government auction.  They were saved from that fate through the wisdom and foresight of a few devoted and visionary collectors who bought them for their intrinsic value and beauty. 

Most patent models available today came from the efforts of either O. Rundle Gilbert or Cliff Peterson, both of whom at one time owned, and were marketing the remaining patent models during their period of ownership. There are small stashes of, and collections of models all over the country that were formed when these and other different owners were selling off portions of the original collection to finance their dream.  

A few years ago there were hundreds available for sale at the major antique shows on the East Coast.  Currently there is a large collection of parts and pieces of  patent models being offered for sale on eBay with the spiel that the proceeds are going to some charitable fund or foundation to benefit the "kids" build a museum, or something similar.   When I read those ads I expect to see offers for shares in the ownership of the bridge being built to it, as in nowhere, as an added bonus.

Antique & Vintage
Patent Models / Salesman Samples / Display Models / Etc.

* * * Click Heading to see Items * * * William O. Grover 1863 Patent Model Sewing Machine

  • 1869 Patent Model Boiler Feeder by T. B. Webster 
  • 1858 Patent Model Door Alarm Lock by Jonathan Wells 
  • Fredrick Toggenburger 1860 Patent Model Sewing Machine
  • William O. Grover 1863 Patent Model Sewing Machine
  • J. D. Adams Salesman Sample Road Grader
  • c. 1900 Salesman Sample Grain / Corn Silo w/ Case 
  • Salesman Sample Automatic Fishing Pole / Fishing Line Alarm
  • Miniature Horse Drawn Plow Model

Antique, Vintage and Collectible
Pressing Irons

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An iron for every purpose---from an era when everything had to be ironed.  Manufacturers produced irons for every trade and every category of clothing.  Look here for unusual shaped irons to fit every job---polishing / glossing irons, sleeve irons, hatter's irons, fluting irons, dressmaker's irons, artificial flower making irons, billiard table irons, and more, all heated by a variety of different heat sources.

Meeker's Antique Sad Iron Sales

  • Ox-Tongue Iron with Slug
  • Blacklock Sleeve Iron
  • Keith & Blackman Enameled British Gas Iron
  • Mondragon UM #6 Charcoal Iron
  • Davis Gray Speckle Enamel / Graniteware Gas Iron
  • Economy Combination Fluter / Charcoal Flat Iron
  • Allie Maillard Conformateur Millinery Hat Sizing / Measuring Machine
  •  Zinn's #5 Charcoal Iron with Sled Trivet
  • Unusual Egyptian Foot Iron
  • Cast Iron and Brass 14" Tall Goffer Iron
  • Kenrick Round Bottom Polishing Box / Slug Iron Allie Maillard Millinery Hat Measure Machine Conformateur
  • Hood's Patent Soapstone Sadiron
  • Wooden Dutch Bonnet Roller
  • Little Nickel Plated Toy Sad Iron
  • Charles Cockshutt & Co. Figural Cast Iron Paperweight
  • Little Removable Handle Toy Sad Iron
  • Small Dover Style Sleeve Iron
  • Miniature Tri-Bump Toy Iron with Trivet
  • Little Rope Handle Toy Iron

Antique & Collectible Trivet Antique Pressing Iron Sale Fall 2015

* * * Click Heading to see Items * * *

  • Masonic Good Luck Horseshoe Cast Iron Trivet
  • 3 Small "Amish" Cast Iron Trivets
  • Cast Iron Trivet with Double Heart Handle
  • Cathedral Petal Cast Iron Trivet
  • Cast Iron Cherub Trivet
  • "Mammy" and "Pappy" Black Americana Stove Advertising Spoon Rests
  • and More!

Figural Antiques / Cast Iron / Traps / Advertising
 Coffee Mills / Grinders / Toys / Country / General Store & Misc.

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Landers Fairy & Clark #20 (2) Size Coffee Mill / GrinderOur primary interest in Coffee Mills is in double wheel #2 or  #3 size cast iron mills. These small double wheel coffee mills make for a very colorful and graphic display in almost any room or setting in the house. They are wonderful pieces and a great reminder of years past.  They fit right in with the current craze concerning coffee drinking.  If you have not experienced it, there really is a difference between the taste or flavor of coffee ground between plates or burrs as these early grinders have, and coffee which is chopped up with knife blades from the electric things made in China and sold in every retail store across America. 

The cosmetic condition of double wheel coffee mills and the condition of the original finish are very important, and we only deal in and offer for sale those in excellent condition with original paint and decals. Original condition coffee mills are becoming very difficult to find and are the ones that seem to draw the most comments and attention when shown off.  The refinished coffee grinders that look like new cars coming off the lot are nice in their own right, but not something you will find listed here. paint_churn1.jpg (20291 bytes) The Americana General Store & Country Kitchen antiques and collectibles found on this page cover a broad range both in vintage and uses. We use to deal extensively in kitchen antiques and related paraphernalia before branching out and dealing in many other kinds of patented and mechanical devices.

Over the years our focus has broadened as the supply of the neat early stuff has all but disappeared from the market.  In order to stay relevant we moved the time line up a bit, and our interests broadened to include things like patented ice cream scoops, odd can openers, corkscrews, as well as vintage or antique electric toasters. 

We drew the line at such things as Tupperware,  Fire King, and later plastic "Kitchen Chic" which now seem to be the rage and currently popular and active categories of Kitchen collectibles to seek,  collect, and use. 

  • Silver Plate Cocktail Shaker in the form of a Bell  Foresters of America / Fraternal Group Ceremonial Axes
  • 3 Carved and Decorated Scandinavian Mangle / Smoothing Boards
  • Selection of Lamp Fillers
  • Thorens AD - 30 Music Box & 48 Music Discs
  • Allie Maillard Conformateur Millinery Hat Sizing / Measuring Machine  
  • Royal #1 Cast Iron Mouse Trap Patented 1879  
  • National Fly Trap
  • Primitive Wooden Base Rat Trap

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We want to Help you Sell Your quality Antiques

If you have a single antique, or a collection of antiques to sell please contact us at giving us your PHONE NUMBER and other contact info and we will get back to you ASAP. 

To view examples of the types of antiques and collectibles we have previously sold and are always interested in helping you sell please visit our Past Sales Archive Pages at our sister website

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Larry & Carole

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