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Examples Of Appraisal / Information Requests We Receive

All of these e-mail messages are authentic.  Most are unedited other than removing the email address or names to protect the identities of the innocent, and to protect these potential sources of merchandise.  The vast majority came with no pictures.  What you see is what I got.

This is just a small sampling and in no way fully represents or adequately conveys the magnitude or volume of these types of things that I receive on a daily basis.  

I am looking for volunteers to help answer them.  Who knows, you might be able to turn it into the next Kovels, Harry Rinker, or Ann Landers of Antiques "Answer Man" type situation. 

I want to be an intermediary to bring valuable valuables to you, but on one condition I get a $ 300,000 advance payment, deducted from my commissions later, in relationships with people who have things dating back to ancient times and are valued at millions of dollars. My job is to convince them to sell these rare holdings.
If you agree, please contact me and send me a representative as soon as possible to sign a contract and guarantee the money paid.

Hello, i am from rishikesh i have an old specs almost 100 above years and my grand father say that this spacs of mahatma gandhi ji. But i i don't have any prove. But i want to be saleout this specs so, if you perched this specs then contact me on this no. 8477877837 I want to be saleout this specs urgently so, please contect me. Thank you

hello my name is XXX i have this old calculator and i took it down to the antique store here and they told me it was worth $3,000.00 and i was wonder if you thought it was to it stands about 1 1/2 feet tall and it has alot of buttons it was made in the late 50's yearly 60's let me know thanks

I recently purchased a tool at a antique store for $2.00 and am on a mission to find out what it is exactly.  It is iron and about a foot long with some type of clamp on the end.  It has writing on the end of with H & D. Co.  Chicago and a patent date of April 22, 1803.  If you can find out the value and what it was used for I would greatly appreciate it.  You can contact me at

Well i have a mummy of very old age which is of about 9 feet in size. i want to sell that. thats a really nice antique. if u guys are interested u can drop me a mail and we can discuss things out.i also have other antiques as well like very old coins, lamps etc.i have already been offered a very good value for mummy. how much you can offer.
looking forward to hear from you.

I own a very old sewing machine my grandmother gave to me and is in
great shape, I believe it may be from the late 1800's. It has "Elias
Howe, Jr. Inventor" and 2 patent #'s : 204127 and 132797 and a stamp
with 106271 underneath and in the middle. I was wondering how much you
think it would be worth- honestly and even if you aren't buying it....
Please, I am only curious to know.
Thank you for your help and your time.

Respected Sir/Mam,

I want to know about the metal piller of east india company made during 1818 which is pyramid shaped, hieght approxiamately two and a half feet ,base one and a half square feet ,thickness six inches which have a three horn type pointed metal of one and a half inch in lenght on both ends .The object has powerful  electric current ,which can't be touched with  naked hand ,The effect of the object is so intesense which effect nearby electric lights ,watches and other machineries etc.

please try to send me the required information by the earlies as the object mentioned above is for sale and complete information about the pillar is being asked .

thank you

I came accross your email and happen to notice that you are a real antiques collector and would you be interested in buying a SOLAR PRESSING IRON BOX.  The iron box is exposed to the sunlight and it heat and iron enough of your laundry without any disappointment.

It weigh at least 2kilograms, goldish in colour.  It was used by the colonial soldier during the world war one.  The date of manufacturer is between 1800 and early 20thcentury.

My father (who is 82) found an old Sunbeam A1A hedge trimmer that belonged to his father.  He took them apart and cleaned them and they work!  How much, if anything, would they be worth?

I have an old speed queen antique washer and I would like to know how much it would be worth it is still in good shape it is just always in the way. I think it is around the 1960s but I would have to get you the model number. If you can I’m just curious to know.

I have a Singer Slant O Matic Special 403.  It was given to me new in 1962.  I can't figure out where to look on the Internet to figure out what it is worth.  Can you help?

How are you doing? My name is ------------. I have a sewing machine that I was wondering what its value might be on the market. I was thinking of selling it. Machine is in Excelent conditioning.

Westinghouse New Home Light running in wood cabinet

It says Exposition 1889 Republique Francaise

Stlye 956227-c4

If you could tell me any thing about the machine I would appreciate it.
Thank you.

I saw this in a resale shop recently and wondered is it a rare item? Is it valuable. It is basically a white cylindrical metal casing that contains a grey stell agitator. There is an electric motor that powers the thing. 1 hose that apparently acts to allow emptying of the tub or what I have called the metal casing. The model looks like M-67 or something but is worn down.

Please advise.


I have a man who has visited my yard sale, he owns an antique can opener from probably the 1800-1900's.  We would like to know the value.

I will try to describe it. It is a hand can opener 5 1/2" long and it's cast iron it was painted black originally, it has 2 steel rivets, holding the one piece steel blade.  The handle has a loop look.

I would greatly appreciate any information you would have especially retail or market value.  He doesn't want to sell it,but would like to know value.  If there is a website that would help with history and prices that would be fine.

Thank You for your time,

i have a sewing machine it says on the machine that it is made by collier & sons in 1911 made by united states of america,it is a model c ball- bearing sewing machine,it is in very good condition complete with instructions,i would be grateful if u could give me an estimate to how much this would be it is also in its own wooden box casing.ty

I have very interesting ancient figurine which represents the old man. The figurine is executed from a bone dust, the height of 3,5 centimeters, is found in territory of the city of Termez, provisional date of occurrence 2500-2300 B.C. The photo is added.

I wish to sell this figurine, therefore with pleasure I shall familiarize with your offered to me by. Besides a figurine I also have an antiques concerning to Soviet Union.

With impatience I look forward to hearing.


Good Afternoon,

I currently have an 1938 Philco Bendix Washer a home I just purchased. Is it possible that it could be an antique? I could send pictures of the washer. Could you please send information about antique Bendix washers.


i don't know if you are interested in kitchen appliances, but i have two roper gas stoves, both are in working condition.  we beleive they are 1947 models.  one is a 4 top with oven and boiler it is in very good condition it is in our kitchen and we use it everyday.  the other is in our basement. it works but needs some work a few nobs and a handle.  we are remodleing our home and need to get rid of these stoves we hate to just throw them away, it seems like such a waste.  i know retro kitchen are becoming popular but there just doesn't seem to be a maket for them in our area.  we live in northeastern pa. we would gladly take 150.00 for both.  but we will not be able to ship them.



I have a singer sewing machine with teh serial number Y 4105731 from the year 1926, and it was bought from the United States all the pieces including the machine are original and I would like to know the price of this machine.

Thank you in advance.

My singer sewing machine(series EB162456) was
manufactured on june 11, 1937. I heard that some Singer
sewing machines have platinum parts.  Is that true?? And
if it is true do you know if my singer machine,series
EB162456,has a posibility of having platinum parts in
      What price have this type of sewing machine?
Please answer me...

I am just interested in how much this toaster would be now cost wise?  This is the following that I copied off of the bottom of it. This toaster has the original fabric cord.  Really neat and Old.  It will toast two slices or just one slice.  But do not have the box to look at like it mention below.  Would appreciate your input on this toaster as to how much it is worth.  I do not have it but I could get it I'm sure.  And could possibly get it free if I just replace it with a newer one.  It is still being used.

2 SLICER / 1

Dual Automatic
Pop-Up Toaster
Model  1483
Series  A5109

2,301,070     2,464,147
Also see carton
For Alternating
Current Only

110-120 Volts     1000 Watts

I have an antique toaster that I bought at a yard sale earlier this summer.  The stamp on the bottom says Pelouze Manufacturing Co. Chicago Patented Oct. 31, 1911-Sept. 10, 1912 Vertical Toaster Volts 110 Watts 550.  It is in very good condition.  Three of the heating elements are cracked but it still works.  It has the original cord.  It also has fine detail on the legs.  I will send you a picture, but its not a very good one.  I currently have this toaster on ebay, but I was wondering how much the value of it is.  Your prompt reply will be greatly appreciated-I only have three days left on ebay. delcriton of independince  i have an orginal copy sent to the 13 colineys ,and was wanting to find a buyer,just wondring if u would be instered . it is still all legable and in one pce has some tears in it


i have an old sewing machine

it is a table that turns into a sewing machine and it still works

it is about 20 years old

would you happen to know the value of such an item?



I am looking to find the price of the above food chopper made by Foley as well as what year it was made. It has Stainless Blades and is in very excellent condition. While it is worn with age it works like new. There is no damage on it whatsoever. Kindly send this information at your earliest convenience.

Thank You!

Dear Sir/Madam:

I would like to advise you that I own quite an old refrigerator. Unfortunately, we do not know exactly how ok, young, any rate it is very very old....lots of metal on the inside...let alone the outside.

Case in point, I would like to sell this refrigerator, but do not know it's age or price????

Can anyone help.  Would greatly appreciate it!!!




    I was wondering if you would be interested in buying my stove and dishwasher or if you would know of someone who may be interested.  My gas stove is circa 1958? drop in. My dishwasher is about the same age, it is a Hobart.

I can give you pictures and more info if you are interested.


Hello I have a speed queen wringer washer and i am looking to find the value or someone who is interested in buying it. It is in good condition the model # is dw3090w and the serial # is f364229 it is 120 volt 60hertz and 7 amp. But i do not know the year or how to find out. If you have any information on this item please contact me asap thanks

Tell me how much a very old sewing machine is it's a graybar and the model number is R40 please try to find out.

We were interested in finding out how much an antique sausage stuffer that we have woruld be worth.  It is probably a ten pound stuffer with a crank in pretty good condition.   It was patent in 1876.  It is a Interprise manufacturing company in Philidelphia,  USA.  Any info you could give us would be nice.


Hi Carole and Larry,

I came across your website and although you do not seem interested in a sewing machine from the 1940’s, I did have a question regarding mine.  If you could be kind enough, could you give me an estimate of how much one would be worth?  It is in excellent, running condition and has the Brand “Universal” inscribed on it, as well as the Mark “Deluxe”.  Once again, it is from the 1940’s.  Also, if it says Universal, is that classified as a Singer, or is it it’s own brand?

Your time is greatly appreciated,


i have an old biddle hand crank megger,which is still in good working condition,and the wooden case it is in is also in good says it is made in england but i can find no date on is model # sl 16.if you are interested in this type of tool,let me know please my name is -------------- and my phone number is ------------------.thank you


I just received a  Sept 5 ,1905 #243 cast iron , Union Stove ,with the words "if i am good tell others " on top by the burner plates. It has 2 burner plates on top ,door on top that says broil inside,door on bottom to put wood in, ,it has a crack in the stand base . Has winged type designes on bottom base. It is in decent shape for its age  ,showing that it was used. Would you know the value and who might be interested in this? Please email me to let me know. Thanks,

hi my name is-------------- my father is about 76 years old . he has a very old very heavy iron that was used during the time of abraham lincoln. the iron is very heavy and i think its made of rawed iron.

could you please tell me what a 1887 singer treadle machine in good condition with the hemming  attachments in a small small wooden box might be worth. it has the sphinx emblem on the front and the top .thank you for your help.

i  own 2 pces of old item an old copy of a Stradivarius violin around 5o +years old

& a complete set of plates cup milk /su ar some.Sorry  of my key board just went!!!!!

6 or 8 person setttin . Any way i ave to fix tis it,s frustratin  .set came from En land

about 6o or more years a o  as you   ave notice  te 7 & 8  letter on my key board went + number before 1 also sorry would like to sell one day need approx: $


I have an Antique sewing machine and can not seem to locate one like it.  I have checked on ebay, your web site and all of your links and still cannot get any info on it.  Below is the info on the machine I have, and I would greatly appreciate any info you might have on it. Thank you.


It is in a very old fabric covered, carrying case. Black/Chrome w/gold accents.


I have looked all over the machine and found the following:


Cosmopolitan Sewing Machine


Worlds Best Sewing Machine

Made in Japan


Underside Stamped as:  TA 122032


Motor is a "Morse" (Los Angeles/New York)


I would appreciate any information that you could dig up. Thank you very very much.











During a recent trip back east to see my father he gave me two old irons that
come to be around the 1850 to 1900 range.  One I have been able to find out
is a char-coal iron with the char-coal still in it from the last time used. 
The other is a two piece model with the words ASBESTOS SADIRON on it. 
Haven't found out about this one yet but am thinking the asbestos part of it
must be brand name.

Both antique irons are in rough shape however a good heirloom to pass down to
our children. 

What I am asking from you is how do I go about cleaning both of these up and
finding out about the one marked ASBESTOS SADIRON.

Thank you for your help.  It is greatly appreciated.


Hello, I am looking for a part for a Wards Brunswick sewing machine, part
#63, vinc. #1. Do you have any information?


To whom it may concern:
My dad recently purchased an old sewing machine at an
auction.  We are trying to find out some information
about it, like the year model, etc.  The information
that was stamped on the side of the machine is as
     ST. LOUIS MO.
The number stamped on the machine is 17397.  I am
writing for request about this machine.  If you could
please help my out in this matter, I would really
appreciate it. Thank you.



I have a Domestic Rotary Electric Sewing Machine and

the instruction manual says that it is a Series 153.

It is in a wood cabinet that looks like a desk.

Can you please tell me approximately what it would be worth?

Thank You,

i found a sewing machine in wy grand mothers attic its cast iron and has a emblem on it that i beleive says smh or any combo of those letters


Hi my name is -------,I was wondering if you could give me any info on two wringer washers I have,both work and are in pretty good condition any info you could give me would be appreciated(i know nothing about antiques) Here are the makes and models  Thank you,Amy       Double tub DEXTER model 458E serial# 11941                              Single tub GE model AW172H serial# 3041469-SJ


I am in possession of a Speed Queen Wringer Washer & Instruction Manual for A Speend Queen Moden # FW3092.  I know it's at least 30 years old and it still works.  Can you let me know what resources there are to possibly sell this.


My name is------------  I am the owner of my Grandmother's Universal Brand Sewing Machine.  The motor and everything on it works extremely well.  The wood is slightly scratched, but I think it is in a Cherry cabinet.


Could you help me find out what this antique sewing machine might be worth today?


I may be contacted my e-mail at the address above which is my husband, Bob or at my e-mail address at work at


i have a tool and don't know what it Is.'s made of wood 2 1/2inch by 5inch with a handle on top(it wood to) and a wire coming from both side and going out to one side 5 1/2 inch the wire looks like a potato smasher. on the end of  the block of wood is beveled can you help me with this.....


Dera Sir ;

I have one china sword which produced at 5,000 years ago .

I hope to sell it.

I am waiting for your reply


My daughter just bought a old sewing machine the name on it is Matron.  Do you have any idea where I could get information on this machine?

Im not sure if you can help me, I have a tre spade, that

I know is very old, but i am trying to find out how old.

I has Garantito Tre Spade in the inside and on the bottom

of it, it has N 1.  If you could help in any way even let me

know where to look to find info.



Hi.  Mom recently passed away, and among some of her old kitchen stuff, I came across a patented utensil.  The number is 2376408, but for the life of me, I can't figure out what it is!  I evidently am not savy enough to figure out how to do a search at a patent site to get any info.  Can you help?


Hello, I have an old wooden campass my grandparents gave to me and it is from 1916. On the front is something engraved about a Fire Station. It is in really good condition. I was wondering what you think it would be worth?


Just wondering  if you  can tell me what some of my old clubs might be worth and how I might sell them. Thanks 





I saw you were interested in antiques online, although you website says you are primarily interested in mechanical devices. I am writing to you then for advice.  I own an authentic Franklin Simon’s Co 100% Black Cashmere Long Coat that is in PERFECT condition and never worn.  I inherited it and though it was a nice coat to wear around but before I did I took a look at the label and decided to do some research on it.  Do you know anything about this coat and if it’s worth anything?  And if so who would be interested in buying it.  I can send you pictures that I took with my digital camera, if you would like.

Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated,

I have acquired a Whirlpool washer. I believe it is from the 50's, but I called Whirlpool & they said it was from 1967. I don't recall any washers like this one around then.

It's electric, but has the double rollers on top to drain the water out of the clothes. It is round and about 5 ft high. Rollers on top, feed through automatically. I believe that it is white enamel paint. Has a hose for water drainage, but not a hook up for water to fill it.

If there is anything you can do to help me with identifying this item. My husband is wanting to sell & if it was anything else antique I would consider keeping it, but we have no room for it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this & hope to hear from you soon.

I own a sears roebuck elctric food chopper  mod 607   very heavy
(commercial style) with 2 cutters and a small and large disk.  do you know when it
was made and sold. there are no manufacture markings except what i have
mentioned above  thanks 

hello i just came across this ice cream scoop the only thing i no about this is that it is old but i'm not really sure how old but if you can tell me more about it that can determine a price for it the only thing about it was made by SAFE-T DIPPER COMPANY in Chicago IL. and there is a No 50 i guess that is the size of it ??and it has a PAT. NO. 2239046 and that is all i no about it it work fine its a nice find.   thank you Chris.  

I have a small,four burner wood cook stove,  It was given to me when I was 17
yrs. old.  My first husband forced me to learn how to bake in this small
appliance.  I finally mastered.  The stove had been in his family for years. 
Not only did I use it for cooking, it also heated the home in the cold
months.  It is not ornate.  It is 19" deep;23" wide and 29" high.  It is all
black except the oven door has a square of enamel/ceramic front.  How old is
this?  Is it valuable?


I have my grandfathers old bench plane, I believe it is called
has a wood handle much like a saw, not a knob, is over 20" in length, and
has the die-cast mark of William Ash & Co, on the metal blade that is in
the case.

My father would like me to sell it.  We understand that it belonged to my
grandfather' of the 1850' least that is as far back as we
know......not having purchased it we have no idea as to it's value.  I have
been asked to put it on Ebay, but have no idea as to the reserve price I
should set.

Any ideas?


I am in possession of a butterdish, used and made for Jan van Riebeeck in ±
1600's. It is the only one that exists in the world and is made from a
Protea wood (known as wa-boom wood). Can you furnish me with more
information on this article as well as possible buyers. According to
assessments of dealers this article is worth 10 million pounds.

I also have a Violin ± 1600, perfect condition.

Please contact me a.s.a.p by e-mail



I have come across an unusual little machine and loathe to go to ebay for several reasons.  One, its not a true indicator because it only reflects who wants to buy what that particular day.  Two, you can list something one week and not have one bid and the next week you may go off the charts.  Could I just ask one question please?  A little green GE similar to a Featherweight but with alot of singer marked accessories.  Im stymied.  


a friend of mine a has an old sewing machine. it's black. it has an orangish, reddish colored flower on it. it folds into a wooden cabinet and is operated by a foot pedal. it says the name New South on the top of it. i've searched the internet and the library to find information about it, but to no avail. can you tell me where and how i can find out mare info about this type of sewing machine. i want to know about how old it is, what it is worth,ect... if you could help me with this, it would be greatly appreciated.

  I was given a beautiful sewing machine of some sort.  I was told that it was used to  sew leather, but I had my cobbler come and look at it and he said it was not used for leather.  It is an antique made by Wheeler, and Wilson MFGC. in New York, and they also have on the plate of the machine Bridgeport conn.  It was made in the year 1867 which was before or after the civil warm.
    Our cobbler believes it was used to make hats.  Would you have any idea.  I was told that it is valuable.  I was thinking of either selling it or selling it to the Smithsonian, or checking out Sotheby's.   What do you suggest?  Would appreciate hearing from you.  Thank you.  Looking to hear from you. 

I have a 1913-1919- White antique sewing machine but have no idea what it's value may be?? It is in very good condition.  Any ideas???  

I am looking for help in find out how much the value would be on a Maytag
Gyrator Model#J2LS SERIAL# 54132HU.  IT still works great.. if you can
believe that...  but it is old old old.. Can you help?

I have in my possession an old pressure cooker described as follows:


Engraved on lid "National" Pressure Cooker-EauClaire, Wisconsin.  It has 6 large wing nuts that screw into 6 large screws.  There is a temperature gauge on top and the # 12 is also engraved on lid.  It has a large metal ring near the bottom.  Also inside is an old cookbook...could find no date on it.  Any information on this would be appreciated.


a friend of mine has a stanley tongue and grouve planer #148 7/8 in.
what is the value and any other information you can give on this .Thank you


We've found in our attic a Universal Knife Cleaning Machine by Landers, Frary and Clark, New Britian, Conn, USA.

There is no pat. date on it. It was wrapped in a 1934 newspaper and was used but in sound condition so I figure it must be at least 100 years old.  

How much do these things sell for?


I have inherited a Remington sewing machine and I am not sure of the date it has a zig zag stitch.  It is called the De Lux Zig - Zag Sewing Machine.  I think it must be around the 1940's it is belt driven.  I would like to know if it has any value?  Where do I look for the manufacture date since on the plate it does not say.  All I can find is manufacture name.


Can you please help me or direct me in the right direction to get my questions answered.


Thank you for your assistance.


I have an old Greist sewing machine in a cabinet which still has all the
original papers and attachments with it.  I know that this machine is
approximately 75 to 100 years old.  It was purchased from The Charles
Williams Store in New York City.  I am trying to find some information as to
its value and whether it is worth restoring or not.  I would appreciate any
advice you may have. 


I was cleaning out an old house and I found an old sewing machine that came with a sewing table. My husband told me he read on it that it was a 1916 or 1917 I don't remember. I was just wondering if there is any value. I was thinking of taking it to an antique shop.  thank you. 


I have a 1941 Westinghouse rotary sewing machine in a walnut cabinet.   with original owners manual and accessories. All in excellent condition.


Please advise  it's value.


I have several old wrenches and other tools.  If I E-mail a colored jpg photo will you offer info you may have about them?
Thank you,


I bought an Ober No. 7 (patent pending) at a recent auction and was wondering if it had any worth.  I paid $17.00 for a box of stuff and it was in the box.  Thank you.


I have a Gas Iron Made in Phila, Pa. On one side it say's "I WANT TU" COMFORT GAS IRON. It is made by Strause Gas Co. There is no date on it. Good condition. Please return any e-mail to  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Thank you for your time.  xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   North Auburn Street Speedway Indiana. 

Dear Sirs,


     I have a Safe-Guard check writer Model G serial #501290.  I believe they were sold from 1917-1925.  I was wondering if it was of any value and if you knew were I could obtain such information.  It does still work.


    Please let me know what I need to do to obtain this information, as I am a novice at internet searches.


Thank You,


I have an old sewing machine from the 1950's. It's a Free- Westinghouse. I was wanting to know how much its worth.It is in a wood sewing table. It to me looks to be in good shape. Can you tell me any thing about this or where I can go to find out? Thanks for your help.



I was just wondering if you knew the value of a 1950 Singer 128-VS3 sewing machine?

Thank You,


My grandfather is interested in a sewing machine he has.  He is curious of what the value of it is.  I dont have a picture. The name that is on the sewing machine is "White".  Its also says on the side that it is from S.M Company and was made in Cleveland , Ohio , USA.  The date on the machine says 1877. Can you please tell us the value if you know what kind of sewing machine it is.  THANKS!!!


i have a old electric clothes dryer in mint cond. intersted


we found a tool in our basement that has wood handles on both ends and a stiff blade in the middle. it was made for hdr & co and looks like a tool to either plane wood or to cut ice blocks.


any ideas?




Can you possibly tell me anything about a mixer I found at a yard sale It is a Sunbeam Mixmaster (black and white,statinary) it is workingorder but does not have the mixing bowl there is a seriel number on the mixer  W499626.

I was also wondering where I might could find some information on an ironing board that came with the first washing machine my grandmother purchased.








Hi, I have 4 cast iron fluted pillers aprox.8ft tall aprox. 400lbs. from 1800.
How can I get more information about them.


We recently found a carpenter's level marked, Lambert and three other names
that escape me right now, Boston, Mass.  with an eagle touchmark.  Any
information would be appreciated.




                             Most Humble Request


We want to grind Coconut Shell Powder and Wood Powder,

 Please offer us either.

 a) Right Equipment


b) upgradation Equipments for our existing Impact


 to grind the above materials with catalogues etc per return.

 Perhaps, of you do not make the above equipments, kindly direct us to the right sellers both Brand New as well as Secondhand/used Equipments and oblige.

 With our advance thanks, we remain, Gentlemen/Madam.




I'm trying to find out if my american counting machine is actually worth
anything.  Are there many around? I would really appreciate the
information, thanx
                                                 Somewhere in Canada

i have a singer vs2/27k third type in drawer cabinet and was just wonderig
the value of it please e mail me and let me know.

I recently bought two irons similar to your NOS Antique irons...There is
only one handle....they are weather beaten.
What would be the value?

I have a singer sewing machine model #R1000548-27K
Made in Scotland between Jan.-June of 1903.
It has all the attachments and a instruction book with it.Can you please
help me price it.
Thank you for your time.

Found in my attic the only serial number on the unit is G9448070. I have no
experience in these matters I only want get a fair price for this antique.

for sale  clean working condition in a box no lid or label approx 30
pces cutters, blades etc, care to bid?

hello,i have been looking for answers,i bought a jones family cs sewing
machine with the numbers 445450 on it,i bought it in england a weekg ago on a
business trip,i have been to many sites looking and i ran across yours,can
you please help?,

I am just interested in finding out the value of my grandmothers Dazey
egg beaters and sift. 
I don't know if you can help me or not. 

Hi. I've been trying to determine the age and worth of a tachometer. I'd
appreciate any help you could offer. Thanks!

picked up today some type of pat'd instrument...says on dial...L.S. STARRETT ATHOL MASS U.S.A. PAT APR 13 1897. it is 4.5" long with flat thumb size handle,both sides checkered in metal on one end,middle is with dial, 0 to100 graduations,but doubled ie. 10 over 90,20 over 80 and so on....100 is single,the dial is 1 3/8"diameter...the other end is a rod 1 5/8" long,when rotated it spins dial....all of this is look to be nickel plated....also in a wood box cut out to fit contour of item....if interested etc,let me know ,thanks, Gregg......sellar said thought to be used to test speeds.........????????

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am looking to find a neat old tool to use in a marketing campaign I am
about to embark on.

Do you have any BULK quantities of a neat tool?  I'm only looking to spend
about $1.00 for each.  Sorry if I am wasting your time, but who knows, you
may have a big box of old tape measures or levels laying around.


I have a friend who has a perfect J.Schloemer ice cream sandwich scoop. J.schloemer PAT. is stamped into the metal and the shaft is cylindrical with the ice cream pusher going through the shaft. Looks like the size of the patty is about a half of a grahm cracker size. Any idea how much?


I have an AMERICAN COUNTING MACHINE patented November
16, 1897, perfect working condition, I believe came
off a printing press.  Just wondering what it was
worth.  thanks for any help you can give me.

We found some very old slides in a shed at a home we bought. 
There is a picture on each end of the slide and many of them are
from Germany, etc.  At the top in the center it says it is a "Positive
by Almer Coe & Co.".  Can you tell me anything about these and if
they have any value to them?




i have a diamond self-heating gasoline iron with org. box and
instructions,,cant find a date,,,wondering if its worth anything,,or any
info on it,,,

I have a pie tin that has raised embossng  the words NEW England at the
top               Table talk " at the bottom and  " flaky crust pie "
10 cents dep. in the middle    Can you tell me about this or where the
headquarters are ?  Thank you

Hello, I have recently purchased a wooden tie press with the Beaver brand name on it.  It was bought in the UK.  Do you know anything about this brand?  Thanks.

I have found  acrude kind of tool which says "food chopper".It is pretty old
I have no idea  how old .If you are interested I will sent you the


Hi -

I was just wondering if you would know information or the value of an antique sewing machine my mom had given to me - it is a 1921 White Electric sewing machine in its original cabinet. She had a treadle machine but had given it to someone years ago. I was just interested in knowing if it was of some value.



i have an old pipe wrench. the markings are- woolworth co, jamestown n.y.
empire (on handle)pat. dec. 1896 with the number 14 in a circle (size?)
do you have any information,value, on this wrench?
                                                  thank you  Ed 

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